Proven Dating Offers for Affiliates

Are you an affiliate looking for:

– new in house dating offers incl. white label dating?
– an excellent way to monetize your Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Austrian or German traffic?

This site is for those looking for Proven Dating Offers and includes examples of real campaigns and real numbers, a detailed info about GEO’s and promo tools available. It is suited for those who are experienced dating affiliates, but also for those that haven’t pushed dating significantly yet.

As a dating affiliate, with the continuous saturation and competition, you may be looking for some fresh and new in-house dating offers. You may want to explore not only new offers on the markets (GEO’s) where you are already active, but you may also want to tap into other under-monetized markets (GEO’s) that are less saturated.

No matter if you are a site owner or a media buyer that is pushing dating, or considering to promote dating, large or small. The purpose of this site is to offer you a way to better monetize your traffic and to beat the results you may get with your current dating sponsors or white-label dating sponsors you use.

It was built by an affiliate himself who’s willing to give you a complete run down, real numbers, even some private pointers related to traffic sources and promotion, given that you’ll sign up under him.

Since nobody can be everything for everybody the currently best performing in-house dating offers and their GEO’s are listed below (in alphabetical order):

Czech Republic

More GEO’s on request

Here’s what you’ll find on the site: 

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