Online Dating Offers for Czech Republic

Proven Czech Online Dating Offers

Czech Republic is by every means a very viable GEO for dating affiliates. If you have access to a solid amount of Czech Traffic a safe way to convert it is with our heavily optimized, in-house dating offers. Let’s see why you may want to try these.

What you’ll find here:

– basic conditions
– examples of promo tools

These are proven to work very well since they’ve been crafted by locals, use local billing options and tested for years. You can tackle the ad fatigue by using the wide variety of fully customizable promo tools or set separate campaigns using your own domain utilizing the White Label Dating Option.

Basic conditions

70 pct. Revenue Share
All types of traffic accepted except forced registration or deceptive advertising.

Examples of promo tools for illustration :

1) HTML banner 300×250:
various creatives available in the program, examples on request


Example in the sidebar at local dating offers

3) Profile Export

Generate a feed of dating profiles based on your criteria and add it to your website, an example on request

4) Custom profile generated banner 3×3:

Generate a dynamic banner from dating profiles, an example on request.

5) Customizable Sign Up boxes:

– generate your own custom sign up boxes selecting the looks and what fields to include, example on request.

6) Email Template:

Check a preview of an email template.

Ask about promo tool previews and testimonials on how to convert dating offers for Czech Republic orĀ SIGN UP for your affiliate account right away.