Real Numbers and Testimonials

In this section:

Examples of real campaigns for reference, including the offer, promo tools, promotion used. Nothing beats real numbers, find the results of several sample campaigns below with the data that were achieved:

Campaign A:

Geo / Offer: Czech Republic / Rev-share
Promotion and tools used: email, default landing page
eCPM: EUR 162

Description: An email campaign was set up using a targeted email database, custom email template leading to a default landing page with an eCPM reaching EUR 162 and further growing due to using the revenue share payout program.

Campaign B:

Geo / Offer: Slovakia  / Rev-Share
Promotion and tools used: media buys, custom banners, landing page
DOI conversion: 6.80 %
eCPM: EUR 68

A media buying campaign targeting adult dating offer for Slovakia with a DOI conversion rate of 6.80 % and with an eCPM result of 68 EUR, a value further growing in time, since the revenue share option was used.

Campaign C:

Geo / Offer: Croatia / Rev-Share
Promotion and tools used: Media buys, custom banners, default landing page
DOI conversion: 5.5 %
Free to Paid conversion: 18 %
eCPM: EUR 30

A media buyer set up a campaign for a local dating offer for Croatia using custom banners and a default landing page. Achieving an eventual eCPM of EUR 30 with 18 pct. of free registrations upgrading to paid. With more recurring revenue coming since a revenue share program was used.

This are some real examples for reference and not representative of the best performing affiliates in the system.

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