Why Proven Dating Offers

In this section:

  • available GEO’s
  • what types of traffic is accepted
  • promo tools available
  • tracking options
  • payouts / programs
  • track record in the industry

Available GEO’s:

Featured GEO’S: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

Other available GEO’s: Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Norway, Philippines, United States

What Types of Traffic are Accepted

Pretty much all media types available, but no forced registration (from application, games to get incentives etc.), no deceptive advertising.

There are desktop, tablet and mobile optimized offers available. Mainstream and Adult related.

Promo Tools Available

Apart from a wide variety of banners also advanced promo tools such as:

– RSS Feeds
– Custom profiles – XML export
– Banner designer (to easily craft your own creatives)
– Sign Up / Log In box designer (to craft your unique sign up forms)
– Email templates with custom tracking
– Pop Ups
– “Submit an email” pop up form
– White Label Dating (promote your own brand and own domain)

Tracking Options

– third party tracking via pixel / postback URL or HTML / JavaScript code

Payout Programs

Revenue Share  –  70 pct. for each month the customer stays active on the site (default)
CPA (PPS)           $ 10 – $ 55 depending on the offer and its GEO 

Track Record in the Industry

All the presented in house dating offers are powered by InterMaxGroup AG, a Swiss registered company founded in 1999.

– avg. conversion rate from free to a paying member 1:4
– 17 % average sales growth year by year
– 15.3 million EUR paid out to affiliates in the past 12 months (as of 4/18)

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